Worldwide Sports and COVID-19: The Impact on the Sports-Event.

Sports and COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has forced difficult decisions for the sports-event industry. Nearly every major sporting event in North America and Western Europe is being cancelled, moved or postponed until this virus either dies down or gets eliminated by cold weather. The highly contagious SARS like disease (which we all know as MERS) caused a wide range of countries to cancel their events – from Spain’s La Liga soccer matches scheduled on Saturday night, France’s two Davis Cup tennis games with Germany today to Canada postponing its National Hockey League playoff series game between Toronto and Ottawa that had been set for Friday afternoon.

The recent epidemic may have delayed our favorite sport competitions but it also gave many people more time off work! As an avid fan I am looking forward

As the summer days grow longer, football season is on its way! Saturday was a day of celebration for NFL fans everywhere with all 32 teams hosting special fan events and having some sort of event to celebrate. The league has been promoting it as “Back Together Saturday” because this year they are bringing back preseason games after last year where nobody could watch any live action during training camps due to COVID-19 which caused them to be cancelled from August through September.

With the surge of Delta variant throughout football, COVID continues to be a dominating storyline for those who have started training camp this week.

Football teams are being more proactive with vaccinations and many NFL players remain unvaccinated due to religious or philosophical exemptions. Those that have been vaccinated will not only receive one shot at an initial visit but two additional shots six weeks apart as part of their vaccination protocol which should lead to better protection against the virus going forward into fall camps where we can expect even higher potential exposure rates than in previous years

One of the teams with a lower rate of vaccinated players is Washington — the team has more than 50 percent but that number is not high enough for coach Ron Rivera, a cancer survivor who said the team’s rate leaves him “beyond frustrated.”

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Rivera underwent treatment last August for a form of skin cancer and said he is immunodeficient.

“When I’m in a group and the group’s not vaccinated or there’s a mixture, I put the mask on, and I do that for health reasons because nobody really knows,” Rivera said. “I have to do that. And I just wish and I hope that our guys can understand that.”

Washington is not doing anything to identify players who are or are not vaccinated, but the way that some teams are — reportedly — has become a topic of discussion this week.

NFLPA president JC Tretter ripped teams forcing unvaccinated players to wear wristbands after a report was published on Monday that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were having players wear red wristbands or not based upon their status.

“It’s a nonsensical idea,” said Tretter, a Cleveland Browns center. “They say they need a differentiator between vaccinated and unvaccinated players. We already have a differentiator. The unvaccinated players need to wear masks. No other sports league uses any sort of scarlet marking or helmet decal or wristband, because they know it’s not necessary and the teams know who’s vaccinated, who’s not vaccinated. So what it really comes down to is the NFL wanted to put a policy in place to try to shame unvaccinated players publicly about their status and make that known to everyone on the field.”

On his end, Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians was just as angry with the report — saying it was not true … emphatically.

“If I give you some information, at least know the (expletive) rules before you put it in the press,” Arians said. “Red and yellow bands — they don’t have to wear them at practice. That’s for indoors. I’ve gotta read (expletive) that we should be fined for red and yellow bands because they ain’t got them on at practice. That’s (expletive). If you’re gonna report (expletive), make sure it’s (expletive) right.”

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