UFC 265: Derrick Lewis vs Ciryl Gane live stream, updates, MMA Preview

UFC 265

UFC 265: Derrick Lewis is taking on Cyryl Gane in the UFC, and these two fighters have a lot in common. They both come from humble beginnings, one of them spent their first few years living with his grandmother after being abandoned by his mother at an early age, while the other was raised with just enough for him to go without electricity or running water. Their fighting styles are also similar because they’re each big hitters who like getting into those brawls you can only find inside the octagon- so gear up folks!

Phil discusses Derrick Lewis vs Ciryl Gane in this week’s podcast episode – highlighting that although born worlds apart; Lewis had a tough upbringing too which has shaped how he fights now as well as what

A heavyweight fight between Derrick Lewis and Cyril Gane headlines UFC 265 at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. The two titans of MMA will face off on August 7th with a potential future title shot hanging in the balance.

UFC 265 Card Stats

Main Event Preview | UFC 265: Lewis vs Gane, The Big Men Are Set To Collide At UFC 265 Saturday August 7th.

Record: Derrick Lewis 25-7-1 NC Ciryl Gane 9-0

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Odds: Derrick Lewis +280 Ciryl Gane -350

What’s at stake?

David: I mean. If Dana is to be believed, Lewis beat Ngannou, so this fight is for the real title. Which makes dos Santos the linear champ? Who knows how middle school MMAth works. This fight means nothing in the light of Ngannou’s presence. That’s the irony to this BS drama. Both of these fighters represent unique opposing forces to the actual heavyweight champ, but because White is framing it as the actual number one spot, it’s just dumb and unnecessary.

Phil: The fight feels like it’s tarnished by the addition of a belt. If it was a pure #1 contender fight it would be a fun freakshow. As it is, it’s weighed down with all the tedious contractual obligations to have a title at the top of the card, as well as the knowledge that the whole thing is booked to make sure that Jones and Ngannou shut up and stop making waves.

Insight from past fights

David: There’s not a lot of historical overlap here besides dos Santos. While Lewis might have Rozenstruik’s patience, the two couldn’t be further apart in terms of technique. Same thing with Volkov for that matter. I guess Boser, a knockout ‘specialist’ comes peripherally close, but even then what are we talking about? Boser has power, and Gane neutralized it with clean feints, and entries just like every other fight. Boser’s offense was more active, however whereas Lewis likes to react with his combinations. Honestly, I don’t think we’ll ever have a good frame of reference for these two. It’s hard to understate just how oddly specific they are in terms of how they attack. That’s all the more reason to suspect this fight could be an all timer. I’m talking the Renzo vs. Ohara kind. Not Frye vs. Takayama. Or Travolta vs. Nuke (is it strange I never get tired of this scene?).

Phil: The Rozenstruik fight showed us one important thing, which is that Gane does not get bored or tired with his own style. Rozenstruik sat waiting for a singular opportunity to raise its head in that bout, and Gane happily tinkered away at him, building an unassailable points lead to the enjoyment of absolutely no-one else aside from himself and his own team. Lewis has beaten a big rangy volume guy in Volkov, but the plodding footspeed and defensive vulnerabilities of the Russian are simply not traits shared by Gane

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