UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Schedule, Fixtures, Results, Odds, Scores And live stream info


The UEFA Champions League 2021-22 season will be the 67th edition of the UEFA Champions League and the 30th since the event was rebranded from the European Champion Clubs’ Cup in 1989. The 2021/22 Champions League winners will be automatically qualified to play in the Group Stage of next year’s competition, as well as earning the opportunity to play in the 2022 UEFA Super Cup and face the UEFA Europa League champions for the season.

Champions League 2021-22

The UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, and the newly established UEFA Europa Conference League are all being organized by UEFA for the first time since 1998/99 when the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup was last contested. This season, the defending champion in the UCL are Chelsea.

St. Petersburg, Russia will host the final at Krestovsky Stadium on May 28, 2022. Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, was initially slated to host the game. As a result of 2020 final being postponed and relocated, the 2022 final will be held in Saint Petersburg, Russia. In June 2021, it was decided to eliminate the away goals rule in all UEFA club competitions.

Which Teams are in the Champions League 2021-22 Group Stage?

Group AGroup B
Manchester CityAtletico Madrid
Paris Saint-GermainLiverpool
RB LeipzigPorto
Club BruggeAC Milan
Group CGroup D
Sporting CPInter Milan
Borussia DortmundReal Madrid
AjaxShakhtar Donetsk
BesiktasSheriff Tiraspol
Group EGroup F
Bayern MunichVillarreal
BarcelonaManchester United
Dynamo KyivYoung Boys
Group GGroup H
Red Bull SalzburgZenit Saint Petersburg
VfL WolfsburgMalmo

UEFA Champions League Match & Draw Dates: 2021-22

PhaseDraw dateMatch dates
Group stageAug. 26, 2021Sept. 14 – Dec. 8, 2021 
Round of 16Dec. 13, 2021Feb. 15 – March 16, 2022
QuarterfinalsApril 5-13, 2022
SemifinalsMarch 18, 2022April 26 – May 4, 2022
FinalMay 28, 2022

2021-22 UEFA Champions League Schedule: Group Stage Fixtures


DateTime (ET)FixtureStream
Sept. 1412:45 p.m.Sevilla 1-1 RB SalzburgFuboTV
Sept. 1412:45 p.m.Young Boys 2-1 Manchester UnitedFuboTV
Sept. 143:00 p.m.Lille 0-0 VfL WolfsburgFuboTV
Sept. 143:00 p.m.Villarreal 2-2 AtalantaFuboTV
Sept. 143:00 p.m.Chelsea 1-0 Zenit Saint PetersburgFuboTV
Sept. 143:00 p.m.Malmo 0-3 JuventusFuboTV
Sept. 143:00 p.m.Barcelona 0-3 Bayern MunichFuboTV
Sept. 143:00 p.m.Dynamo Kyiv 0-0 BenficaFuboTV
Sept. 1512:45 p.m.Besiktas 1-2 Borussia DortmundFuboTV
Sept. 1512:45 p.m.Sheriff 2-0 Shakhtar DonetskFuboTV
Sept. 153:00 p.m.Inter Milan 0-1 Real MadridFuboTV
Sept. 153:00 p.m.Atletico Madrid 0-0 PortoFuboTV
Sept. 153:00 p.m.Club Brugge 1-1 PSGFuboTV
Sept. 153:00 p.m.Liverpool 3-2 MilanFuboTV
Sept. 153:00 p.m.Manchester City 6-3 RB LeipzigFuboTV
Sept. 153:00 p.m.Sporting 1-5 AjaxFuboTV


DateTime (ET)FixtureStream
Sept. 2812:45 p.m.Shakhtar Donetsk 0-0 Inter MilanFuboTV
Sept. 2812:45 p.m.Ajax 2-0 BesiktasFuboTV
Sept. 283:00 p.m.Real Madrid 1-2 SheriffFuboTV
Sept. 283:00 p.m.Milan 1-2 Atletico MadridFuboTV
Sept. 283:00 p.m.Borussia Dortmund 1-0 SportingFuboTV
Sept. 283:00 p.m.PSG 2-0 Manchester CityFuboTV
Sept. 283:00 p.m.Porto 1-5 LiverpoolFuboTV
Sept. 283:00 p.m.RB Leipzig 1-2 Club BruggeFuboTV
Sept. 2912:45 p.m.Atalanta 1-0 Young BoysFuboTV
Sept. 2912:45 p.m.Zenit Saint Petersburg 4-0 MalmoFuboTV
Sept. 293:00 p.m.VfL Wolfsburg 1-1 SevillaFuboTV
Sept. 293:00 p.m.Bayern Munich 5-0 Dynamo KyivFuboTV
Sept. 293:00 p.m.RB Salzburg 2-1 LilleFuboTV
Sept. 293:00 p.m.Juventus 1-0 ChelseaFuboTV
Sept. 293:00 p.m.Benfica 3-0 BarcelonaFuboTV
Sept. 293:00 p.m.Manchester United 2-1 VillarrealFuboTV


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DateTime (ET)FixtureStream
Oct. 1912:45 p.m.Besiktas vs. SportingFuboTV
Oct. 1912:45 p.m.Club Brugge vs. Manchester CityFuboTV
Oct. 193:00 p.m.Shakhtar Donetsk vs. Real MadridFuboTV
Oct. 193:00 p.m.PSG vs. RB LeipzigFuboTV
Oct. 193:00 p.m.Atletico Madrid vs. LiverpoolFuboTV
Oct. 193:00 p.m.Inter Milan vs. SheriffFuboTV
Oct. 193:00 p.m.Ajax vs. Borussia DortmundFuboTV
Oct. 193:00 p.m.Porto vs. MilanFuboTV
Oct. 2012:45 p.m.RB Salzburg vs. VfL WolfsburgFuboTV
Oct. 2012:45 p.m.Barcelona vs. Dynamo KyivFuboTV
Oct. 203:00 p.m.Lille vs. SevillaFuboTV
Oct. 203:00 p.m.Manchester United vs. AtalantaFuboTV
Oct. 203:00 p.m.Zenit Saint Petersburg vs. JuventusFuboTV
Oct. 203:00 p.m.Benfica vs. Bayern MunichFuboTV
Oct. 203:00 p.m.Chelsea vs. MalmoFuboTV
Oct. 203:00 p.m.Young Boys vs. VillarrealFuboTV


DateTime (ET)FixtureStream
Nov. 21:45 p.m.Malmo vs. ChelseaFuboTV
Nov. 21:45 p.m.VfL Wolfsburg vs. RB SalzburgFuboTV
Nov. 24:00 p.m.Villarreal vs. Young BoysFuboTV
Nov. 24:00 p.m.Juventus vs. Zenit Saint PetersburgFuboTV
Nov. 24:00 p.m.Bayern Munich vs. BenficaFuboTV
Nov. 24:00 p.m.Sevilla vs. LilleFuboTV
Nov. 24:00 p.m.Dynamo Kyiv vs. BarcelonaFuboTV
Nov. 24:00 p.m.Atalanta vs. Manchester UnitedFuboTV
Nov. 31:45 p.m.Real Madrid vs. Shakhtar DonetskFuboTV
Nov. 31:45 p.m.Milan vs. PortoFuboTV
Nov. 34:00 p.m.Sporting vs. BesiktasFuboTV
Nov. 34:00 p.m.Borussia Dortmund vs. AjaxFuboTV
Nov. 34:00 p.m.Sheriff vs. Inter MilanFuboTV
Nov. 34:00 p.m.Liverpool vs. Atletico MadridFuboTV
Nov. 34:00 p.m.Manchester City vs. Club BruggeFuboTV
Nov. 34:00 p.m.RB Leipzig vs. PSGFuboTV


DateTime (ET)FixtureStream
Nov. 2312:45 p.m.Dynamo Kyiv vs. Bayern MunichFuboTV
Nov. 2312:45 p.m.Villarreal vs. Manchester UnitedFuboTV
Nov. 233:00 p.m.Chelsea vs. JuventusFuboTV
Nov. 233:00 p.m.Barcelona vs. BenficaFuboTV
Nov. 233:00 p.m.Sevilla vs. VfL WolfsburgFuboTV
Nov. 233:00 p.m.Malmo vs. Zenit Saint PetersburgFuboTV
Nov. 233:00 p.m.Lille vs. RB SalzburgFuboTV
Nov. 233:00 p.m.Young Boys vs. AtalantaFuboTV
Nov. 2412:45 p.m.Besiktas vs. AjaxFuboTV
Nov. 2412:45 p.m.Inter Milan vs. Shakhtar DonetskFuboTV
Nov. 243:00 p.m.Sporting vs. Borussia DortmundFuboTV
Nov. 243:00 p.m.Manchester City vs. PSGFuboTV
Nov. 243:00 p.m.Atletico Madrid vs. LiverpoolFuboTV
Nov. 243:00 p.m.Liverpool vs. PortoFuboTV
Nov. 243:00 p.m.Club Brugge vs. RB LeipzigFuboTV
Nov. 243:00 p.m.Sheriff vs. Real MadridFuboTV


DateTime (ET)FixtureStream
Dec. 712:45 p.m.RB Leipzig vs. Manchester CityFuboTV
Dec. 712:45 p.m.PSG vs. Club BruggeFuboTV
Dec. 73:00 p.m.Ajax vs. SportingFuboTV
Dec. 73:00 p.m.Porto vs. Atletico MadridFuboTV
Dec. 73:00 p.m.Real Madrid vs. Inter MilanFuboTV
Dec. 73:00 p.m.Milan vs. LiverpoolFuboTV
Dec. 73:00 p.m.Shakhtar Donetsk vs. SheriffFuboTV
Dec. 73:00 p.m.Borussia Dortmund vs. BesiktasFuboTV
Dec. 812:45 p.m.Zenit Saint Petersburg vs. ChelseaFuboTV
Dec. 812:45 p.m.Juventus vs. MalmoFuboTV
Dec. 83:00 p.m.Benfica vs. Dynamo KyivFuboTV
Dec. 83:00 p.m.Atalanta vs. VillarrealFuboTV
Dec. 83:00 p.m.VfL Wolfsburg vs. LilleFuboTV
Dec. 83:00 p.m.RB Salzburg vs. SevillaFuboTV
Dec. 83:00 p.m.Manchester United vs. Young BoysFuboTV
Dec. 83:00 p.m.Bayern Munich vs. BarcelonaFuboTV

UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Bracket

The draw for the Froup Stage took place in Istanbul, Turkey, on August 26, 2021. It was decided that the 32 teams would be divided into 8 groups of 4. It was decided that each team would be placed in a different grouping based on their seedings.

There will be matches on September 14-15 and 28-29, October 19-20, November 2-3 and 23-24 November, and December 7-8 2021. For each group, the top two clubs are guaranteed a spot in the Round of 16. There will be play-offs for third and fourth place in the Europa League knockout phase. The clubs who finish fourth or fifth are out of European tournaments for the season.

UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Groups and Teams

For political considerations, teams from Ukraine and Russia were not able to be placed in the same group. A team was drawn into Groups A-D, while another was drawn into Groups E-H, such that they would play on different days. Sheriff Tiraspol will make their Champions League debut for the first time in their history. As a result, they will be the first Moldovan team to compete in the Champions League Group Stage.

UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Format

There were a few adjustments to the access list due to Chelsea’s status as defending Champions League champions, who had previously qualified via their local league (fourth place in 2020-21 Premier League). Rather than competing in a Play-off phase, the Turkish association joined the Group phase.

Clubs from Denmark’s association qualified for the Play-off round instead of the third qualifying round since they were the winners of the association. There was no second qualifying round for was set for the Czech Republic clubs. Both the Greek and Serbian association teams qualified for the second qualifying round instead of the first.

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