Tokyo Olympic basketball updates: Boomers to face Slovenia for bronze medal


Tokyo Olympic basketball updates: Ash Moloney, a decathlon champion from the land down under, takes home bronze at his first Olympic games and ends up in third place overall. The Boomers ended with a silver medal clash against Slovenia while Australia’s hockey team took home second-place honors for their efforts. Lastly are our Matildas who were unable to secure any medals despite being one of two teams that came away victorious on Saturday night

Ashmolony wins the bronzed medal in day fours decathalon he is just 16 years old this was hsi firs time at an olympics

The Australian Olympic team was in the limelight today with three medals coming up on day two. Boomers and Kookaburras both competed fiercely for bronze, while Matildas missed out on podium position but still received recognition from their home country.

The losses from the Kookaburras, Matildas and Boomers were rough, but let’s look at the positives.

The Kookas won silver! The Boomers have another shot at a medal against Slovenia. And the Matildas … fought hard (yeah, nah that one was rough).

Also, Ash Moloney won bronze on the back of that great 1,500m run alongside Cedric Dubler, Melissa Wu got her first individual medal from her FOURTH Olympics, Keegan Palmer got gold in the skateboarding, and Tom Green and Jean van der Westhuyzen got some kayak sprint gold.

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That’s a pretty damn good day for Australia, so let’s not let those team losses get us down.

Anyway, we’ll all be back tomorrow for a bit more Olympic action, including Mariafe Artacho del Solar and Taliqua Clancy going for gold in the beach volleyball at 12:30pm.

When Ash Moloney had to compete against Cedric Dubler at the Olympic Trials, he knew it was going to be a difficult battle. As soon as they were off running, Dubler picked up his pace and left everything on the track for Moloney – giving him all of his advice while also showing him how fast you have to run in order win an international race like this one. The result: by mile 1, both runners dropped from their personal records and even though always trailing behind when competing with someone who is more experienced than them; Ash never backed down or gave up because “it’s not about winning.”

When I heard that my best friend had been eliminated after only 400 meters into our half-mile relay during high school state

He also, as you can see in the photo below, was quite encouraging at the end.

In some situations, the pace-setter can also act as a windshield and be a bit of an ice-breaker against the other runners to make sure you don’t get tripped up.

Also, it’s just easier running with someone to help you know if you’re going fast enough.

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