2022 The Masters Golf live streaming: How to watch the tournament online

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Are You Looking to watch Masters Golf 2022 live stream? Read on to know all the available options to enjoy the game online and cable TV.

First and most prestigious major golf tournament of this year, “The Masters Golf Tournament 2022” is scheduled to take place at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia from Apr 4-10. 2022 Masters Tournament will signify the 86th edition of the Masters Tournament.

5 Best Ways to Watch 86th Masters Golf 2022 (Editors Choice)

  • Official Site (Masters.com)
  • Paramount+
  • Fubo TV
  • Using a VPN
  • Cable/Online TV

Following is a detailed guideline to watch the 2022 Masters Golf live streaming of all 4 days and also practice rounds on TV and online.

Masters Golf live
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The Masters 2022 live stream will available at ESPN and CBS TV (paramount+) Some early-round coverage is available on ESPN only.

86th Masters 2022 Golf Tournament Overview

LocationAugusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia
ScheduleApr 4-10, 2022
Start Time8 AM ET
Current ChampionHideki Matsuyama

How to watch US Masters 2022 Tournament Live Streaming on Cable TV?

CBS and ESPN are the official broadcasters of the Masters Tournament. Coverage is divided between both of the networks. ESPN holds the right for early-round coverage, while CBS cover the main event.

Since ESPN is a premium sports channel, your cable TV operator might not provide ESPN. On the other hand, you will surely have CBS. If you don’t have the CBS, make sure you contact your cable TV provider. Alternatively, you can buy a digital antenna and get CBS to watch the 2022 Masters live stream.

What channel is showing the Masters Golf Live?

Masters will be available on many channels all over the world. For the USA viewers, CBS is showing the Masters Live throughout the second week in November. People from the UK will also want to know the Channel name. For them, the Sky Sports channel is the only option.

How can you Watch 2022 Masters Golf Live Stream in the US without Cable?

As cable becomes old-fashioned, some viewers might not have a cable in their TV. Instead, they prefer watching TV without cable on the internet. The following are all the possible ways to watch Masters without cable.

CBS All Access (Paramount+)

If you are considering watching CBS only, CBS All Access (via Paramount+) is a great option to watch 2022 Masters without cable. This service is solely from CBS. This service costs only $5.99 per month.

With six bucks you will also have access to more than 10,000 CBS on-demand episodes. It has no contract option, which is available in most of the US states. CBS all access works on almost all the modern devices without the hassle of cable or satellite. Most importantly, the subscriber can cancel the service anytime.


If you’re living in the US, you are fortunate. Masters organizers also supply the live streaming service for the viewers in the US.

All you will need to do is to visit Masters.com to watch the tournament right through your browser.
Keep in mind to update your browser first before moving because Masters.com regularly updates its platform.


After CBS all access, fuboTV is a great way to watch Masters Golf live online. FuboTV is a live streaming service, which focuses on sports streaming, mainly.

fuboTV has different packages, but the lowest one is $55 per month. It will give them access to more than 100 channels including CBS. It doesn’t force to have you any contract so that you can cancel anytime.

Fubo comes with seven days of free trial and cloud DVR, which can be watched on all the updated devices.

Hulu with live TV

Next, we cannot deny the streaming service from Hulu. They don’t have a wide variety of packages, rather than just one. Hulu live TV package costs only $45 per month, which provides 40-70 TV channels.

The live TV package also gives access to Hulu on-demand library for free. Besides this, fifty hours of DVR options also come with the packages. More DVR hours can be added for ten extra bucks. Simultaneous streaming also available on Hulu.

It has a free trial for seven days. You don’t like the service; you don’t buy it. Besides this, you can cancel the plan anytime as it has no contract option.

Sling TV

Unfortunately, you cannot watch Masters Golf 2022 live on Sling TV. Sling TV doesn’t have CBS on its list. You will find a lot of websites are claiming that Sling has CBS. But, the truth is that Sling could not convey CBS.


AT&T TV Now is a streaming service from direct TV, and it is expensive. To provide a wide variety of services, TV now offers seven different packages for the subscribers. Plans start from $50 per month up to $135 per month.

The TV now has more than 125 live TV on their list, but all of them are not available on all packages. You have to pay more for premium channels. Primary relevant channels are available on low to average costs. $50 plan will let you watch the 2022 Masters live stream.

It offers three streaming at a time. A shortcoming for TV now is that it has only 20 hours of free DVR. More DVR hours can be bought. Like others, AT&T TV now has a free trial option with no contract policy.

Play Station Vue

It is a service from Sony to provide excellent service to the loyal Sony lovers. They named as Play Station Vue; you don’t need a PS console to watch TV on PS Vue.

PS Vue offers four different packages for the viewers. Access, core, elite, ultra are the packages. Those plans start from $45- $80 per month.

It offers five simultaneous opportunities. The Core plan is good enough to watch Masters Golf Tournament 2022 live on PS Vue.

PS Vue has five days trial option, which has no contract policy for the respective subscribers.   

YouTube TV

If you want to get the most user-friendly service, YouTube TV is the best in the market. They did not make any complicated plans and went for a single pricing strategy.

YouTube TV costs only $50 per month. Like YouTube, TV option also works on all the available devices. Besides this, you can add six user account.

The best thing about YouTube is that it offers unlimited DVR options for nine months. DVR is available on all the six accounts, and all of them are unlimited.

Seven days free trial also available before paying for the service.

Digital Antennas

If you don’t like any of the third-party services we have mentioned above, we have other option for you. Buying a Digital antenna is the other option.

Digital antennas work like cable TV, but without the cable. You add a device in your home and get the channels through satellite. There are a lot of antennas available online for indoor and outdoor use.

Indoor antennas are used in cities and suburbs areas. It is easy to use and can telecast available channels from 40 miles away.

There are outdoor antennas also available for rural use, which can reach up to 70 miles. You can install the antenna on your roof to get the signal.

How to watch 86th Masters 2022 Live Stream for Free?

Watching masters is not available everywhere in the USA. There are two ways to view the Masters for free.


It is a nonprofit service, and it is free! Locast allows you to stream broadcast networks in 16 US cities. Visit their website to see the list of the cities.

Over the Air Antennas

It is not free. You have to spend some amount of money to buy the antenna. If you already have the antenna, watching 2022 Masters Tournament will be free. Just buy the antenna and connect to your TV and get the CBS network reception signal.

Can I watch 2022 Masters Live Stream on Amazon Fire TV?

Yes, you can watch the 2022 Masters Golf on Fire TV. For that, you will need to have an account on third party streaming sites, for instance, Hulu or fuboTV. You just need to install Hulu or fubo app on fire TV.

Can I watch the 2022 Masters Live Online on Apple TV?

Apple TV users might get worried if they can watch Masters Golf on their favorite TV. Installing a third party TV streaming app on your Apple TV will let you watch the tournament. Any TV streaming service will work. If you don’t have any third-party subscription, you can follow the guidelines we have mentioned earlier.

Can I watch Masters Tournament 2022 Live Streaming on Roku?

Roku is a streaming player for TV. You will need to have a third party TV streaming account like Hulu, YouTube TV, etc. to watch Masters on Roku. Roku has a good deal with the Sling. Sling subscribers could get the Roku with any sling plan. But, the Sling is having a problem with CBS, and they will not be able not to broadcast CBS. As a result, you cannot get a deal. But viewers can try any other streaming services.

How to watch Masters 2022 Golf Live Stream on a SmartPhone?

All TV streaming services have apps for Androids and iPhones. CBS also has apps. Install the latest app on your smartphone and log in to your desired service to watch the Masters 2022.

Watch the 2022 Masters Live on International Televisions

Masters Tournament has a tremendous amount of viewers worldwide. Following are the guideline to watch 2022 Masters Golf live in a different location.

UKSky Sports
IrelandEir Sport
CanadaTSN and CTV
South AfricaSuperSport
MexicoESPN Latin North
JapanJ Sports
AustraliaGem Channel, Kayo Sports

How to stream the Masters online

Augusta National Golf Club appreciates its mystique, and as a result TV broadcasts are limited to a few hours each day on ESPN and CBS, not great compared to other majors but better than in years past. The online streaming options for the Masters, though, are more exhaustive than any other event in the year.

Fans can stream the ESPN and CBS TV broadcasts online via ESPN+, but ESPN+ and Masters.com have much more to offer than just simulcasts. Among the Masters streaming options are daily featured group coverage, and three different streams of featured hole for each round of the tournament, which includes an Amen Corner feed. All of that coverage can be streamed on your favorite device with ESPN+, Masters.com or the Masters app. ESPN+ will also air two hours of practice round coverage on Tuesday and coverage of the Masters Par 3 Contest on Wednesday.

How to watch Masters Golf 2022 Live Streaming in the UK?

Since 1986 BBC has been broadcasting the Masters in the UK as well as live radio commentary, from 2011 Masters, Sky Sports started broadcasting along with BBC. This year BBC lost the right to live to stream the tournament, they can only show the delayed highlights.

This year there will not be any free live streaming of Masters 2022 in the UK. All the viewers have to subscribe to Sky Sports to watch 2022 Masters live streaming in the UK.

2022 Masters Live Streaming options in Ireland

Eir Sport is the leading broadcasting partner along with RTE. Eir Sports broadcast four rounds while RTE telecast on the weekends only. Besides those channels, Sky Sports may show all the actions as they had broadcasted in 2019.

Eir will start the coverage at 8 PM on Thursday, while Sky Sports may start the broadcast at 2 PM, which will show the whole day. There is a chance that BBC two will also stream the Masters on Saturday and Sunday, but they may start at 7:30 PM.

Watch 2022 Masters Golf Live Online in Canada

Bell Media owns the broadcasting rights in Canada. Masters coverage is divided between TSN and CTV. TSN telecast on cable TV. There is French-language coverage too in Canada, which is carried by RDS.

Both TSN and CTV will broadcast the weekend rounds. TSN will show the opening rounds on Wednesday at 3 PM ET, and they will end the broadcast after the final on Sunday. For the bonus coverage, you have to subscribe to TSN GO.

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How to Watch Masters Tournament 2022 Golf in Australia for Free?

Nine Network’s Gem channel broadcasted 2019 Masters. They may have the broadcasting rights this year too. Gem will start the telecast from 4:30 am in Australia, which is available for free.

Besides Gem, Kayo Sports is another option. With Kayo you can watch Masters live on any devices without cable, but this option is not free. Kayo Sports starts from 25 AUS.

Watch 2022 Masters Golf Live Stream Online in other Countries

South Africa

SuperSport will cover Masters live stream in South Africa. SuperSport is the only exclusive channel in SA to telecast all the golf events.

SuperSports will be available through DStv. You can choose from six different DStv packages. Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Family, Access, and EasyView are the available packages. Head to their website and compare all the plans. After that, get your suitable one.


ESPN International networks provide live streaming services for masters Tournament in Mexico. ESPN Latin North is the name of the channel operated in Mexico. All the information regarding streaming the Masters 2022 in Mexico is available on the Latin website of ESPN.


TVMatchen is the ultimate option to watch the Masters 2022 live in Sweden. It is one of the famous Swedish sports channels. Anyone can watch TVMatchen through desktop and mobile apps.


ESPN operates in Japan under the name of J Sports, which will telecast the 2022 Masters Tournament Live in Japan. J sports has four channels from 1-4. Make sure you check their website before the event.

Rest of the World

2022 Masters live stream is available in other countries through ESPN International networks. 53 Countries are listed for ESPN telecasts. The list is available on the International ESPN website.

Will the 2022 Masters be broadcast in 4k?

Masters has started broadcasting in 4k since 2018. Direct TV telecasted the Masters in 4k HD in 2018 as well as in 2019. Masters 2022 will also be transmitted in 4k. They will use Hybrid Log-Gamma (HLG) for 4K streaming.

Channel 105 and 106 will show the 4K telecast, though all the holes will not be available in 4K. Holes 11, 12, 13, 15, and 16 can be watched in HD 4K, which will start on Thursday at 10 AM ET. 4K broadcast will end on Sunday.

Viewers have to keep in mind that you must need 4K supported TV to watch the Masters 2022 live stream in 4K.

How to watch Masters Live Stream from anywhere in the World Using VPN?

If you want to watch Masters 2022 outside of your home country, you will find your TV streaming site is geo-blocked. To access TV streaming service from a geo-blocked location, you will need a VPN. Virtual Private Network AKA VPN allows accessing any website from anywhere from the World.

Using a VPN is easy.

  • The first step is to search on Google for the VPN, and you will find hundreds of them. Select a top one like Express VPN or Nord VPN.
  • The second step is installing any of the VPN services on your PC or mobile devices.
  • After installing, the third step is to open the account.
  • After that fourth step comes, which is selecting a US IP address and connect.

You are now connected to the internet using an American IP address.

After that head to your TV streaming website or apps and log in. You are done.

Now you can enjoy the Masters golf 2022 tournament online from anywhere.

To make your work easier. Our team has researched some VPN network and found the following VPNs are excellent and reasonable. 

  • Nord VPN: It comes with several payment plans. The best one comes with three years contract for $3.49/month. If you visit their website, you will become familiar with all the four packages.
  • Express VPN: It is a slightly higher price than the Nord. Express VPN costs $6.67/month, and you have to sign the contract for 15 months, which you have to pay in advance. If you don’t want to get into any agreement, month options are also available for $12.95/month. 
  • Private Internet Access: Our analysis has found that, among all the VPNs, Private Internet Access (PIA) is the cheapest one in the market, and the service is the same as the expensive one. Moreover, you can use both PC and Android phones with a single account. 

PIA offers monthly, six months and yearly packages. If a user chooses the annual plan, he has to pay $39.95 a year, which comes $3.33/month. A single month package plan costs $9.95 and six months one cost $5.99/month.

Using the PIA on an android device is as easy as pouring water in a glass. Head to the google play and search for Private Internet Access. When you find the app, just hit the install button and sign in if you already have the account. You can also open a new account and turn on the VPN to watch the Masters Golf 2022 live stream.

Use Smart DNS proxies to watch the Masters 2022

If anyone doesn’t want to pay for the VPN, DNS proxies are their second choice. It is a way to bypass geolocation. DNS is the physical location of a PC or its user. DNS proxy allows a user to define his alternate location.

To use a proxy DNS, you have to Google about it. Google will give you tutorials, which help teach you the process. Google also has its DNS, which you may use. Our suggestion is to follow any of the guidelines. But, DNS proxies are not effective like those VPNs.

Is there any Option to watch the 2022 Masters Live on Social Media?

Now, most of the social media have a live option. Any business or person can go live from their social media account. So, it is reasonable to think that we can watch the Masters Tournament on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But, the truth is, we cannot watch any golf events live on social media.


Masters Tournament has its own verified Facebook page, but it will not provide live streaming. So, asking can I watch Masters 2022 live stream on Facebook will not help. You will get all the tournament-related updates on their page.


Besides Facebook, fans will get all the updates on the Masters Twitter page too. You can just follow The Masters Tournament on Twitter and get all the live updates.

There are possibilities that you will found many fake Twitter accounts claiming to stream the tournament. Twitter has no rights to stream the masters. The only thing you will get on twitter is live updates from official accounts and users.


Despite a lot of StumbleUpon users, The Masters don’t submit any update on theirs. You may get updates on StumbleUpon from some third-party sites or individual users. StumbleUpon doesn’t have any live streaming services, and you will not be able to watch the Masters on StumbleUpon.

Can I watch The Masters 2022 Online Streaming in Reddit?

The answer is NO! Reddit is a discussion-based community platform, and they don’t have any live streaming wing. There is a misconception available on the internet that you can watch Masters Tournament on Reddit. You cannot watch live anything on Reddit. Instead, your fans can discuss The Masters 2022 on discussion board and share their thoughts.

Listen to the Masters 2022 on Radio

Apart from watching Masters 2022 live stream online on TV, you can listen on the radio too. WestwoodOne is the official radio broadcasting partner to provide play by play coverage. They have been covering The Masters since 1965.

WestwoodOne radio coverage is also available on the official Masters’ website, which is accessible from anywhere in the World.

Masters Tickets 2022

Tickets for Masters Tournament is not expensive, but it is rare to get. You need the luck to get the Masters ticket, even for the practice rounds.

A fan needs to apply to get the tickets of a practice round. The application has to submit nearly a year earlier. After that applicants are chosen by lottery.

The tickets for the main event is only sold to patron members, which is closed at this moment.

Masters Golf 2022 Prize Money

Masters is one of the prestigious golf tournaments that offers exciting prize money. However, this year’s purse is yet to be announced. But, the prize money could be higher than 2021 Masters. We will update the Masters 2022 prize money and payouts, whenever Augusta announces it.

Masters Ticket Lottery 2022

This time applicant should know the result through the mail. If you are an applicant and you don’t see the result, don’t forget to call the Augusta Golf Club. The winner will get the tickets at least five weeks before the start of the event.

When can you apply for the 2022 Masters Tickets?

The application deadline for Masters 2022 tickets has been gone. The period was on June 2, 2019. Now you can apply for the 2022 Masters.

Can Children Attend the Masters?

Before 2008 Children couldn’t enter the Augusta Golf Club to attend Masters Tournament. Now, children aged between 8-16 years can watch Masters for free with a Patron badge holder.

Who won the Masters in 2021?

2021 Masters tournament is over now. Congratulations to Hideki Matsuyama to win his first ever Masters title and first ever Japanese to win Masters.

Who won the Masters in 2020?

Dustin Jhonson from the USA Won the 84th Masters golf 2020 at 20-under par (268) by setting a new 72 hole record of the tournament.

Who won the Masters in 2019?

Tiger Woods, the legendary golfer of all time was the champion of 2019 Masters Golf. He won any Major title after more than a decade. It was a comeback for him after lots of ups and downs in his career.

The comprehensive schedule of the Masters 2022 is not published yet, but the gate will open at 8 am. Initially, the tournament week will start on Monday. After that, the practice round is played for the next three days. Following is the schedule of the 2022 Masters week.

What time does Sunday Masters coverage start?

The starting time for the Masters’ coverage varies from channel to channel. Some channels will start the early coverage, and some may begin late coverage. But the most initial time for Sunday Masters Coverage 2022 will start at 8 am.

Who Played in Masters 2021?

We have got the final list of Masters players for 2021, as per Official World Golf Ranking. Every player cannot join the Masters Tournament. Players get the invitation from Augusta National Golf Club. Augusta follows 19 rules to invite a player to the Masters Tournament.

So far these players have already made the spot for Masters and this is the final list. Every year 99-100 get the invitations. Past Masters Champions get the call automatically.

Masters Tournament Traditions

Masters Tournament is known for its unique traditions. It is one of the most traditional golf tournaments. It has at least ten traditions, which made the Masters special.

Masters Golf 2022 Format

The playing format of Masters is similar to other Golf Majors. It consists of four rounds in four days. All the rounds have 18 holes. In the first two rounds, golfers play in groups. During the first two rounds, Masters use two-man pairings, which is different than other Majors.

After completion of round one and round two, they calculate the cut-off score. To qualify for the next round, a player has to comply with one criterion out of two. One approach is to stay in the top 50 positions, and other measures are to remain within ten strokes of the table leader.

After the selection round, three and round four is played. After completing 36 holes winner is determined. However, if the winning score is tied, they have to play a sudden-death playoff.

One of the most prestigious golf tournament along with Masters and Presidents cup is Ryder Cup. It is scheduled to be played in the alternative years. But in 2020, It was finally cancelled due to covid-19 pandemic. But good news for the golf fan is that 43rd Ryder cup is scheduled to happen in 21-26 September, 2021 with full fan attendance.


Masters Tournament is for Augusta National Golf Club members. General viewers are not allowed in the course. So the rest of the people have to rely on TV or online to watch The Masters 2022 live stream.

We have covered every single detail on watching 2022 Masters live without cable and even with the cable. We also included free streaming options. Fans can follow that guideline to watch Masters Tournament without any hassle.

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