Pac 12 says COVID issues can result in forfeits in 2021

Sports and COVID-19

The Pac-12 is reinstating its forfeiture policy after the conference modified it last season because of COVID-19. This means that teams who can’t play due to illness will be forced to forfeit games this year, with some exceptions for when an opponent doesn’t show up or a game cannot be rescheduled within five days on either side. The decision affects upwards of six different schools in the league as they try and balance competitions against each other while also dealing with their own health concerns from students at home.

COVID-19 is a virus that has plagued football players for years. Last season, when the opposing team couldn’t play because of COVID-19 problems with their side, it was canceled and deemed no contest. This season however, COVD 19 won’t be automatically considered an excused absence if your opponent can not come to play due to this troublesome bug; you’ll have to take them on anyways or forfeit victory!

COVID-19 is a virus which has been plaguing football players since its discovery in 1957 (though some say even before). In last year’s game against sox724eagles1314 they had such bad symptoms from the disease – including fever and vomiting at times – that both teams agreed upon cance

“If an institution is unable to play a contest through its own fault, it shall forfeit such contest to its opponent,” the conference said.

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A forfeit will count as a conference victory for a forfeiting team’s opponent.

“The Pac-12 rule provides the Commissioner with discretion to determine whether an institution is at fault or primarily at fault for an inability to play a contest based on the facts of the situation,” the conference said.

The Pac-12 announced earlier this month that regular COVID-19 testing will no longer be required for vaccinated individuals. Previously, it was believed by the medical community that vaccinations would not protect against a coevolved strain of virus like COVID-19 and as such vaccination did nothing but offer false hope to those who were infected in an outbreak. However, new research has disproved this theory which is why the conference removed these requirements from their policy last week.

The Pac 12 Conference recently updated its policies on exposure prevention for contracted viruses including updates about how they handle exposed people with vaccines or if there is some evidence of immunity past vaccine date. These changes are part of ensuring safety when visiting other campuses within conferences now considered safe zones because all.

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