Update News on Coronavirus and Higher Education


All who work or study at colleges and universities must get vaccinated by mid-October, the city announced Friday. “All of us have a responsibility to protect our community from this deadly virus,” said Mayor John F. Street in an interview with The Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday night.”

The list goes: All those that are working or studying at college campuses need to be vaccinated as soon as possible; otherwise they will not be able to enter school grounds without wearing masks while indoors for COVID-19 prevention purposes, according

Once a college reaches a 90 percent vaccination rate, unvaccinated people must wear masks indoors.
A recent Philadelphia Board of Health mandate requires those who are not vaccinated to start wearing masks in order to protect themselves and others from the Delta variant virus that is quickly becoming more dangerous among young adults. The specific rule states: “all persons without appropriate immunity against measles shall remain either entirely out-of-doors or both inside and completely masked when within three feet (1 meter) of any person known or suspected by them to have been exposed.”

With the threat of measles looming over many states, Temple University has pledged to work toward a goal that will protect and sustain public health. President Jason Wingard said in his statement on April 27: “Public health experts have made it clear that widespread vaccination is our best defense in the fight to mitigate [lessen] the virus.” He also added, “…and to restore joy and value of gathering with families friends colleagues”
“It is also responsible action for us as an institution because we take seriously both our responsibility for student safety…[We pledge] To promote vaccine education so students know exactly what they need when considering their individualized plan,” he continued. The university pledges not only its support but all possible resources necessary towards minimizing this imminent risk


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