Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona update: news as ‘obstacles’ thwart contract renewal


Lionel Messi leaves Barcelona: In a shocking turn of events, the club that brought Lionel Messi to fame announced Thursday that he would be leaving after “financial and structural obstacles” prevented him from signing a new deal.

In news which shocked many throughout Spain on Thursday afternoon, Barcelona released an official statement in regards to their iconic player Lionel Messi – claiming his departure was due mainly to financial constraints prohibiting them for offering one more contract extension with adequate wages.

Despite the Catalan giants and their star player reaching an agreement, something could not be finalized because of financial and structural obstacles. The Spanish Liga regulations are holding up this signature which was supposed to take place today on a new contract for Lionel Messi with FC Barcelona

When Lionel Messi signed with Barcelona in 2000, he had no idea how big the club would become. Now that FCB has reached a turning point and needs to re-strategize their future course of direction, it’s not good for anyone if Leo stays on board as well.

When soccer superstar Lionel Messi was just an upstart youngster joining Spanish giants Barca after impressing at River Plate back home in Argentina – nobody could have predicted what this little guy did next! He took his first steps into history by winning La Liga four times (2006–07, 2008–09 2009–10) scoring over 100 goals each time while also adding two Champions League crowns too ! But now that Barcelona is nearing its own crucial crossroads about

FC Barcelona has announced that they have mutually agreed to cancel the contract of Javier Mascherano with immediate effect. The player had been out on loan for a season at West Ham United, and he is now returning back home as we speak. As this news comes in live coverage will commence shortly after signing off here from our studio crew today.”

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What is the significance of La Liga’s deal with CVC?

On Wednesday, La Liga announced in principle a deal to sell 10% of its commercial operations to investors CVC, in exchange for €2.7 billion, 90% of which was to be shared among the 42 Primera and Segunda Division clubs.

Barca’s share of this money could be around €280 million, to be received over the next three years. This immediately led some fans and pundits to assume this would resolve the problem, that the salary limit imposed by La Liga would rise sufficiently to include Messi (and the other four new players).

But there were a couple of problems with that assumption. First, La Liga said that only 15% of the money being received by each club could be used for transfers or salaries, with the rest needing to be used for off-field things like infrastructure, marketing and brand development. That figure of 15% — €42 million over three years — was not going to be enough for Barcelona to pay all of the salary and bonuses which had been agreed.

The second issue was that Barca would not automatically be in favour of the CVC deal and in fact both they and Real released statements last night in opposition to it. Neither club were involved in the negotiations, and are not members of the 12-club committee which unanimously voted in favour of the idea on Wednesday. The Clasico clubs are concerned about giving up 10% of broadcast revenue far into the future (it’s a 50-year deal), and that a decision was made without consulting them. After all, both, in public at least, are still in favour of a European Super League.

Whether or not the CVC agreement does go through, with all 42 clubs set to vote on it next week, it does not seem closely linked to Messi’s future.

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