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We are providing you with several of the Dream11 tips & tricks that you can implement to play fantasy sports online and also win a big amount of cash. Know more about Top fantasy cricket app development here to make a fortune in your business. You just have to abide by these Dream 11 tips and forecasts to get a probability to win several matches on the site together with saving a lot of money with 100% cashback offers also.

1. Play small leagues in place of grand leagues

If you are willing to participate in grand leagues which are played by 1000s or lakh of contesters, there is very little chance of winning. You will start losing your money, and in dissatisfaction, you will lose the ultimate mindset for selecting a good team for yourself. 

Hence, attempt your good luck in playing small leagues, where there will be a greater chance of winning and making money also. 

2. Selecting a wicketkeeper as your team’s captain

In Dream11, many of the cricket matches come about between 2 neck-to-neck sides. The two teams have perfect wicket keepers and batsmen in their class. You can select up only 1 wicketkeeper in 1 match; if your wicketkeeper does perfect with the bat & gloves, you will earn just about double points as your opposition team. 


3. Significance of the Toss

Some of the matches on Dream11 are unequaled depending on the strengths, hence it will be good if you aim to win the toss first and pick to bat first. If you don’t get batting first, running after a huge target subsequently becomes a little bit complicated for weaker teams. 

The team that wins the toss has the authority to select batting or bowling following their desire. So, this turns into an extra benefit for the team who wins the toss as the team receives the opportunity to determine what they can begin with the best. 

4. Dream11 permits team alteration after the toss


Normally, the toss takes place 30 minutes before beginning time; you come by the utmost chances to forecast the good players. Hence, you can alter the team up to the match begins. Furthermore, you can realize a lot of the Dream 11 tips and tricks for current matches via several apps which provide you tips about Fantasy Cricket, Dream11 forecast, Tips, And Pro Kabaddi League also. 

5. Take knowledge of the points system

Each fantasy sports app has a distinctive points system. Several fantasy sports apps provide a uniform points system among batting, bowling, and fielding.

Several online gaming apps provide high points to batting points like runs, the fifties, etc. while on the contrary, few give high weight age to bowling points like wickets, maiden overs, etc.

6. Choose your star players sensibly

Consider attentively before labeling a player as captain or vice-captain. If a normal player scores 10 points, the similar player if labeled as captain will get 2x, i.e, 20 points. 

The Vice-captain gets 1.5x, i.e 15 points. There are plenty of Dream 11 tips and forecast apps that you can abide by to look for how many chances you have to win a specific match. 

7. Refer and Earn 

Refer and earn permits you to invite your friends and relatives who play great on Dream11. You can yet earn Rs. 100 as a bonus in your account. The additional cash contests your friends or relatives join the bigger your cash bonus (maximum up to Rs.100 per friend). 

Hence, share your Dream11 referral code and earn a bonus sum on every fresh sign-up. With the assistance of your friends, you can win contests and earn little additional cash by playing your favorite sport. 

8. Don’t Invest All Your Money in a Single Match

You ought to invest an equivalent sum in every match. If you spend a total of your money in a single game, then luck may or may not be in favor of you. 

Fantasy sports are all about winning or losing money at one time. Hence, do not forget to spend plenty of money on 1 match as it will be a drawback for you. 

For example, if you have a balance in your Dream 11 account of Rs. 10,000, you ought to divide it into 10 parts, that is, invest Rs.1000 in every single match. In this manner, you can earn a good amount of money in the long period in Dream11.

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket Tips & Tricks

  • Join your Contests with lesser Members: If you join a contest with greater than 10,000 members, the possibilities of ranking in the upper 10 or 20 are very few. To win a huge amount of money always join small contests with 10, 20, or 30 members.
  • Know the points system: Every fantasy cricket site has a distinctive points framework. The point framework determines the good balance of your team. The players are provided by the points for runs, the fifties, wickets, catches, etc.
  • Choose your Captain and Vice-captain carefully: The most important element of your team is your captain and vice-captain. You can mark any player as captain and vice-captain. Choosing these 2 players is important to your winning possibilities because you can win 2X points for captain and 1.5X points for vice-captain.
  • Refer & Earn: Several Cricket fantasy apps have a referral scheme. Share your referral code or link with your friends and relatives to get a referral bonus. The referral money can be utilized to take part in cash contests. This is a good method to earn money with fantasy cricket apps.
  • Sign-up Bonus: Several fantasy websites also give signup bonuses to their users. The point is to aid users to get begun. You can make use of these earned points to play in cricket leagues and win real money.
  • Examine Player Performance: Inspect the current performance of players. Choosing a player on the ground of reputation is not a good way. The recent form is more crucial. Make a note of the players who have performed in the current matches.

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