The Oscars 2022: 94th Annual Academy Awards, Start Time, TV Channel Nominations, Winners & Watch live stream Online

It will be the first time since The Oscars Awards 2021 ceremony will feature multiple hosts. This year three female actress Amy Schumer, Regina Hall and Wanda Sykes will host the ceremony. The nominees’ name was already announced on February 8, 2022, by actors Tracee Ellis Ross and Leslie Jordan.

According to The New York Times reports, Attending nominees and guests will show proof of vaccination and two negative PCR tests. And for the red carpet session, it can be different. We might see most celebrities using the face mask and the fusion of contemporary outfits. The red carpet will kick off an hour or two before the main event.

94th Academy Awards at a glance

Date:Sunday, March 27, 2022
Location:Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California
HostRegina Hall, Amy Schumer & Wanda Sykes
Red Carpet Show:6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT
Start Time:8:00 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT
TV Channel:ABC
Live Stream:Watch Here
Most nominations:The Power of the Dog (12)

Where will the Oscars be held in 2022?

The 94th Academy Awards will take place at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on March 27, 2022. It is the first time since 2018 that the Oscar ceremony will take place in March to avoid conflicting with the 2022 winter Olympics and Super Bowl.

What is the Oscars 2022 Start time?

Oscars 2022 start time is Sunday, March 27, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET or 5 p.m. PT and Red carpet coverage will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET, 3:30 p.m. PT.

Keep in mind that the time is the local time zone. If you are in a different area, your location could have a different time zone. Convert the local time zone with yours so that you won’t miss the spectacle from the beginning to the end.

Oscars 2022 Time and Date of Different Countries

There are the Oscars 2022 ceremony kickoff times and dates from different countries and locations: Following Oscars All Access: Red Carpet Live, which will start at 1 hour 30 min. before coverage of the ceremony.

Canada (Toronto)8:00 PM (EDT) – Sunday, March 27
UK (London)1:00 AM (GMT) – Monday, March 28
Ireland (Dublin)1:00 AM (GMT) – Monday, March 28
Australia (Melbourne)10:00 AM (AEST) – Monday, March 28
Germany (Berlin)2:00 AM (CEST) – Monday, March 28
France (Paris)2:00 AM (CEST) – Monday, March 28
Italy (Rome)2:00 AM (CEST) – Monday, March 28
South Africa (Cape Town)2:00 AM (SAST) – Monday, March 28
South Korea (Seoul)9:00 AM (KST) – Monday, March 28
Japan (Tokyo)9:00 AM (JST) – Monday, March 28
Russia (Moscow)3:00 AM (MSK) – Monday, March 28
China (Beijing)8:00 AM (CST) – Monday, March 28
Brazil (Rio de Janeiro)9:00 PM (GMT-3) – Sunday, March 27
India (Mumbai)5:30 Am (IST) – Monday, March 28
The Oscars 2022
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What Channel Are The Oscars on?

Oscars 2022 takes place on US soil. So, the US broadcaster would reserve the right to stream the festivity fully. The officials have confirmed that ABC takes the helmet to broadcast across the US. However, the Oscars is an international event. You will likely get the option to watch in your own country or city.

United States

The officials have confirmed that the Oscars 2022 will be airing on ABC on US soil. The US viewers will just need to tie into the ABC channel to watch the spectacle from the beginning to the end. If you have subscribed to a particular service that includes ABC, then it is great.

ABC is streaming the live broadcast of the OSCARS. Besides watching through TV, you can also watch it through the official site of ABC.

However, only people in the selected cities are able to attain access. The only thing you need to watch ABC through the official site is your TV provider credentials. Whether you are subscribing to a cable company, live streaming service, or satellite service, you could just use your credentials to get access.

The other way to watch the Oscars 2022 in the US is by using the Locast service. This provider streams local broadcasters including ABC. However, the service is only available in a few cities.

If there’s a good tower of ABC in your area, you just need to use your antenna to watch it for free. If none of the above methods work, you could subscribe to live TV streaming services like Hulu, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and so on. Most of these services offer free trials for new users. You could use this opportunity to watch the Oscars without having to pay anything.

United Kingdom

Folks in the UK could reserve their option to follow the festivities of the Oscars. Viewers in the UK shouldn’t worry since they can watch the Oscars on Sky TV. The broadcast will live in Sky Cinema from Sunday, March 27. Meanwhile, the ceremony will take place at 1 am UK time on Monday, March 28. So, it is very crucial to see the time difference so that you won’t miss the festivity.

You will need to sign up for Sky Cinema first. The subscription costs you 19 euros per month. But if you take the 18- month contract, you only need to pay 11 euros per month. Register now if you haven’t already become a member of the Sky Cinema.

The new users will get a 7-day free trial. If you are new to this service, you could use this opportunity to watch Oscars without paying. Grant the seven-day free trial and enjoy the show. But then, you need to cancel after finishing watching Oscars because it will auto-subscribe your membership when the trial session is over.


The 94th Oscars Awards is going to be one of the most relevant spectacles for folks in Canada. To follow the festivity, you will need to tune into the CTV. It is an official provider which holds the full right of broadcasting.

You can watch Oscars through CTV via various devices including TV, smart TV, desktop, as well as mobile devices. If you are accessing through desktop or mobile web, consider visiting to get your access.

If you are using your smartphones, tablets, or other TV-connected devices, you could install the CTV app first on your device. Then using the app, you can directly watch the event without any drama.


Folks in Spain could tune into Movistar Estrenos for Spanish language coverage of the Oscars. For the English language coverage of the event, you could tune into MoviStar+.

MoviStar+ is one of the most popular platforms that strictly compete with other renowned platforms such as Prime Video, HBO, Netflix, and so on. You can use MoviStar+ in your Smart TV, smartphone, tablet, or other TV-connected devices. MoviStar+ is a live streaming platform originated by Movistar company. MoviStar+ comes with various packages to choose from.

There are Basic, LaLiga, Engine, and Cinema. Each package has a different tag price. Consider checking up on them first before picking one for you. Or, you could just pick the Total Premium plan that will give you the most complete channels in the package.


Australian viewers could tune in to Channel 7 to watch Oscars 2022 fully from the red carpet session to the ceremony and moment of truth. Keep in mind that Channel 7 is not only limited to TV devices only. It is also a viable option for those who are up to live streaming services.

The app is available in PlayStore and App Store. It can be great news for smartphone or tablet users because they can watch the Oscars right through their mobile devices.

All you need to do is to install the Channel 7 app on your smartphone or tablet. Then use your official credentials to log in to the service. Besides through mobile devices, you can also access Channel 7 through connected TV devices including Apple TV, Smart TVs, and even console gaming devices.

Channel 7 is a free service. You won’t pay a single buck to enjoy the service as long as your location is in Australia. If you’re out of Australia, you could use a VPN service to connect to the Aussie server to unlock the service.

If you are up to watching the Oscars through your desktop or laptop, consider visiting 7Plus website and enjoy the service.


Folks who reside or travel in India can watch Oscars 2022 through Star Movies and Star Movies HD by Disney Star India. Star Movies is a programming TV that covers across the country. During the pandemic, viewers will be enjoying the ceremony at their home, offices, or fellow fans’ houses through Star Movies and Star Movies HD.

And for the hosts, the officials announced Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas to be hosting the show and announce the Oscars 2022 nominations in all of the awards categories. You can see the full list of the nominations at the official site of, Oscars.Org, as well as the official digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

The users who already have Star Movies in their TV package can be lucky since all they need to do is just turn on their TV or other compatible devices to enjoy the spectacle. It will also live stream on Hotstar.

The Oscars
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How to watch The Oscars 2022 live Online?

Streaming the Oscars 2022 live online comes with a couple of options that you can consider. In this case, ABC is streaming the live broadcast of the Oscars 2022. Viewers can go through the ABC website to see the coverage fully. However, it is only available in certain cities. If you have a subscription to the participating TV provider, you can indeed reserve your option there.

Or, you could choose the best tv streaming service that includes the ABC channel in it. If your location is within the area of coverage, you can access the service for free, without any hassle. Consider checking on their official site first to check if you are within the coverage area.

The other way is to watch through a live TV streaming service. It is a more viable solution for the cord-cutters of mobile people. If this describes you a lot, it does not hurt to check on some popular services like fubo TV, Hulu with Live TV, DIRECTV STREAM, and so on.

How to Watch the Oscars without cable 2022?

Gone are the days when we were stuck with the expensive tag of TV cable on a monthly basis. Some people prefer to ditch their cable and watch the event they like through their favorite device. If you have been enough with your cable plan, you might have no service right now. No worries. You can watch the Oscars without cable online.

The ABC channel is streaming the Oscars on the ABC website. That could be a great start. All you need to have is the credentials of the live streaming providers or others to get access.

There are some quality live tv streaming services that include ABC channels in their package. We are pretty aware that there are tons of options out there. Let’s help you to save your valuable time and see our list of recommendations below.

Try Fubo TV

Fubo TV is not merely a TV streaming service for sports lovers. On the contrary, it is a versatile one which offers you a lot of features and perks. Fubo TV hasn’t been in a decade yet but has attained a lot of viewers across the globe. The live news and entertainment programming have been satisfying a lot of users besides the mix of sports content they offer.

Fubo TV comes with premium channels that have good ratings at the Nielsen ranking system. Signing up for this service could be a great start to enjoy the festivity. But if you’re a new user, you have the chance to enjoy the service for free. The provider offers a free trial for all new registrants.

You can use the FuboTV on your smartphone, tablet, PC, or TV-connected devices. Make sure you have a decent internet connection and a compatible device to access the service.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV comes with tons of perks that you might not find in other streaming providers. First things first, this platform is the product of the no.1 video hosting site in the world. Those who are familiar with YouTube video hosting platforms can happily use this platform for watching their TV channels.

The next reason is that you don’t even need to deal with the expensive price tag of the conventional TV cable. YouTube TV has a familiar interface so it won’t be hard to get used to it. The good news is that the package includes ABC in the plan. You could just subscribe and enjoy.

But YouTube TV is only available in some areas. Make sure that your location is within their area of coverage first before proceeding.


Back then, Hulu was the top streaming service for on-demand videos. But as time goes by, the service evolves with Hulu Live TV. Hulu with Live TV, as the name suggests, offers TV coverage to the viewers. The package includes ABC so that you can watch Oscars 2022 in the US.

Just like other streaming services we mentioned here, it is available in selected areas. Make sure to check on your location first before proceeding. Hulu with Live TV comes with a free trial too that you can use to watch Oscars 2022 for free.

If you already have a Hulu membership but traveling overseas, you could use VPN to unblock the service.


Formerly known as AT&T TV, DIRECTV STREAM can make a great choice to view the full moments of the 2022 Oscars. This provider includes ABC in its most basic package. So, you don’t need to spend extra to upgrade the plan to attain access.

The ABC is available in some selected markets across the country. As usual, you will need to check the location first to see if you can use the service or not.

This streaming service also has a free trial offer for new users. If you’re new, you will have the opportunity to watch Oscars 2022 for free.

Can I Watch Oscars 2022 using the App?

The short answer is YES, you can. Now, let’s have the same page that the App you will be using is for compatible devices including your smartphone, tablet, as well as TV-connected devices.

The ABC app is available in App Store or Play Store. If you use an Android device, consider searching “ABC” in your Play Store. In no time, you will find the app. Download and install it on your device. Use the credentials from your TV cable, live streaming services, or another provider to use the ABC app.

Some live streaming services also come with an app that you can use on your device. As usual, you could just download and install it on your compatible device to watch the 2022 Oscars awards event.

How to watch Oscar Awards live Online from anywhere?

Let’s assume that you have a particular option to watch the Oscars Awards. But then, you realize that you can’t use this service because of the geo-restriction policy. Simply put, you can’t use it because you are out of the service coverage area.

How to deal with such viewing restrictions? The answer is simple: VPN service. VPN service can unlock the service no matter where you are.

For instance, let’s say you are subscribing to Fubo TV. And you are traveling to somewhere else where Fubo TV does not cover. You won’t be able to access the services. No worries. Use the VPN service and connect to the US server. It will then help you to unlock the particular service.

Ways to Watch Oscars Live Stream Online free

Free trials offered by the live streaming services can be a great deal for watching Oscars without paying. Check the popular streaming services that include ABC or other channels that broadcast the Oscars 2022. Some of the services are Sling TV, Fubo, Hulu with Live TV, as well as AT&T.

They offer a free trial offer to new users. If you happen to be a new user, you could use this gem opportunity. However, if you already subscribe to some services, you won’t attain the free trial offers anymore.

If that’s the case, consider this second method.

We mentioned before that viewers in Australia can watch Oscars 2022 for free via Channel 7. you can also take this chance to watch the show without paying a single dollar from your pocket. If you are from outside of Australia you need to VPN subscription to change your IP location to Australia and enjoy it live online free.

There are some free streaming websites that will also provide free live stream options. But those sites are not legally hosted media and most of them full of video and pop-up ads. So it’s can harm your device and you may get at risk. Such as crackstreams, buffstream, Stream2Watch, Total Sportek, Sportp2p etc.

Can I Watch the Oscars live stream on Reddit?

YES and No. YES, if someone is good enough to share their live streaming link on Reddit. But you need to be aware of the links you are about to click. Not all of them are safe for your device. I recommend you check the comments of each subreddit. If some subreddit is filled with negative comments, you could try the other ones.

So, If you want to find out about those Reddit communities? There are some keywords, That can help you to get the proper subreddit. Such as Reddit Oscars, Oscars stream Reddit, Oscars live stream Reddit, Reddit Oscars 2022, Oscars live stream 2022 Reddit, etc.

Watch Oscars live on Mobile Devices, iPhone Or iPad

The ABC App is available in the App Store and Play Store. If you have mobile devices with Android OS, hover your finger to the Play Store and install the app. If you use an iPhone or iPad, consider checking the app store.

You need to prepare your credentials to login into the service. The ABC app supports the logins from popular live streaming services like Hulu, YouTube TV, as well as AT&T TV Now.

Oscars 2022 Red Carpet live stream Guide

ABC will broadcast the Red Carpet besides its ceremony. Stay tuned to ABC and see your favorite actors and actresses walk on the red carpet. Oscars 2022 Red Carpet start at 6:30 p.m. ET/3:30 p.m. PT. So you must Tune in to ABC to watch the Oscars Red Capet Show. If you want to watch Oscars red carpet live stream online. Subscribe to any media streaming website. The good news is that new users get free access to try their service. Mobile phone users need to install ABC App or tv streaming services app.

2022 Academy Awards FAQ:

Who is hosting the Oscars this year?

This year’s Award ceremony will host by three female hosts. Regina Hall, Amy Schumer & Wanda Sykes.Who gets invited to the Oscars?

The nominees, presenters, and several guests will come to the venue. However, the organizers limit the number of attendees. You will notice that the Oscars venue atmosphere is a bit different from its predecessors.Do Oscar winners get money?

No. But they do have a greater chance to increase their paying rates for the next films.Who has won the most Oscars of all time?

Katharine Hepburn won four Oscars throughout her career.Which films have won the most Oscars?

These movies won 11 awards each: Ben-Hur, Titanic and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Then the runner-up is West Side Story with ten wins.
Then there is Slumdog Millionaire that won eight Oscars.

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