Deshaun Watson accusers frustrated: “NFL, Roger Goodell have failed me”

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Twenty-two women have accused Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct, but that doesn’t seem to bother him. Two accusers met with reporters from Sports Illustrated this week and explained their frustration about the way NFL handled the investigation into Watson as he continues playing for his team in spite of these allegations. One woman said “I want change too,” while another commented on how much this situation has impacted her life, saying: “It’s hard not just because I feel like my identity was stolen or something […] It is embarrassing.”

Fifty percent (22) out of fifty female football players interviewed stated they were sexually assaulted by their own teammates – most notably Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson who allegedly assaulted two different women,

The NFL has been accused of victim-blaming two women who claim to be victims in the Brett Kavanaugh case.

The National Football League (NFL) is being criticized for their treatment of multiple alleged sexual assault survivors after they contacted them during an investigation into Supreme Court nominee, Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh’s behavior and actions at a high school party decades ago. The accusations came from Julie Swetnick, another woman claiming she was assaulted by Kavanugh when he was 17 years old; Deborah Ramirez, 53 year old Yale classmate alleging that Kavenaugh exposed himself to her while drunk at a dormitory party 35 years ago; and Dr Christine Blasey Ford—a 51-year-old research psychologist who said on Sept 27

“This woman asked me what I was wearing,” says Solis, “and honestly that really pissed me off.”
It’s not like she needed to know the answer for any reason. She explained it away by saying that this is just her job and how people react when they’re offended, but I don’t buy a single word of it. What am I supposed to be wearing? Maybe something with sleeves or pants would keep you from putting your penis on my hand so easily…or even better—maybe nothing at all!

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Baxley says she was able to get her thoughts out without being interrupted while talking with the Houston Police Department. Meanwhile, they have been actively looking for any weaknesses in her story.

Bexley’s forensic interview – which is a method of interviewing people who are victims or witnesses after an event that may be traumatic so as not to traumatize them further by asking about it too soon afterward and instead ask questions at their own pace later on where there will likely be more ease in dealing with memories- went well according to Baxley because “they let me speak uninterrupted.”

“I have been trying to find the justice I deserve for a long time and they tried their best, but all in vain. They didn’t trip me up because I wasn’t going down that easily.”
“They thought by exploiting my weaknesses would be enough to give them what they want,” said Lisa Friel of The NFL’s investigative team at Sports Illustrated. “And through it all Watson still had his training camp with no consequences even though he raped someone!” Says Baxley who is one of many victims from the ongoing investigation into sexual harassment says she has not seen any sign on progress or success since coming forward about her assault .

“The NFL recently made it clear that they were taking a stand against women and survivors of sexual assault when they stated that Watson would be able to participate in team activities without restrictions, despite the dozens of women whose experiences and testimony prove a pattern of mental and sexual abuse,” Baxley goes on.

“Watson deserves a fair day in court. But the NFL and Roger Goodell have failed me. And they have failed the other women by choosing inaction.”

Baxley makes a good point. Under normal circumstances, the NFL usually allows subjects of investigations to take part in training camp while the league assesses its options. However, Watson’s presence at training camp is a distraction to everyone. It serves no purpose.

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