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Olympics update: Medical professionals take throat swab samples from the newest round of COVID-19 testing in Nanjing city, eastern China’s Jiangsu province on Monday. The current coronavirus outbreaks that have occurred throughout China has spread much more widely than previous ones and reached multiple provinces including Beijing. Many are concerned about what is to come next as many cases have been identified with it already but do not know where this will lead them or their family members

Medical workers takes throat swab samples in new round of COVID-19 testing in Nanjing city, eastern China’s Jiangsu province on Monday. Medical professionals were seen taking sample after another at a local hospital for those who may be victims to the virus plaguing cities such as Beijing alongside.

There’s a lot happening in the world today. You can read all about it while watching some of your favorite Olympic highlights!

Olympics update News

Kevin Durant leads US over Spain to reach Olympic semifinals

Simone Biles finishes Tokyo Olympics with bronze medal in balance beam

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